True Underground Project is on a mission to create music videos with underground artists. As many as we can from as many places as we can!

We want to celebrate beloved under-the-radar artists and cultures around the world by coming through their hometown and producing a music video, a live performance, and a mini-documentary.

Give us your suggestions for other musicians in the countries and regions that are missing, including the Wild Card, aka wherever you point us! On the way we are looking for sponsors to go to Jamaica, Brazil, and the US. Take a look at our sponsorship page for more on how to help!

Our team will travel to each individual country to record a music video for the musicians and a mini-documentary about the city and scene surrounding the music!

The True Underground Project would like to thank the following awesome organizations, entities, and spirits for their continued support:

Studio West is a crucial resource for youth in Amsterdam who seek opportunities in performance, dance, music, and video production. Check them out!

We will soon begin crowdfunding to help cover the costs of travelling all over the world. Luckily, we prefer to couch surf, so it's really just the price of the tickets!

We also have a Paypal account, which you can donate to at any time.